Pushl-up Mount


A pull-up and a push-up bar for the stallbar

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The combination of a Pull-up and a pushups bar.

One of the highly recommended mounts that you can add to your Gymnastic stallbar as it would add more variety to your exercise routine.

The pull-up bar

  • is strong enough to carry up to 120 kg
  • finally, you can do muscle-ups on this bar at home – either assisted for beginners or a strict muscle-up version.
  • since the pull-up bar’s height can be easily adjusted, this makes the pushl up mount better than a regular pull up bar because even a toddler of around 1 meter in height can hang safely on it.
  • it can even be used as a handstand spotter – one of the best ways to learn balance in a handstand safely without the need of a spotter.

The push-ups bar

  • this will give you gradual progression to build strength especially if you are starting with Calisthenics because you can adjust the height of the bar easily
  • the main rule is high bar means easier push-up, lower the bar down means harder variation
  • you can also do straight bar dips easily on the pushl-up mount without having the fear of being too high from the ground like doing it from a normal pull-up bar.