Dipsk Mount


A Gymnastic stallbar mount that can be used as a Desk or a Dips exercise station. Adjustable in height.

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The combination of a Dip bar and a Desk.

If you are looking for an upgrade of your Gymnastic stallbar either at home, in the office or in your fitness studio… this one is a unique one.

The Dip bar of the Dipsk mount

  • allows you to do dip exercises to build upper body strength with a capacity of 120kg
  • adjustable height – it is even better than a normal parallel bar in terms of doing your dips exercise as you can adjust to the height where your feet doesn’t have to touch the floor on the bottom of the movement.
  • assisted dips have never been easier – if you are still struggling with the standard dip exercise, the dip mount will solve the problem as you can do a foot assisted dip without a problem regardless of height. Just change the mount level to suit your body’s proportion and you’re good to go for your workout.

The Dipsk’s Desk

  • if you are running out of space to get one more piece of equipment, not with this one. You have a desk which you can use while working from home.
  • adjustable in height – even better than a normal desk as you can convert in in a few seconds to make it a standing desk, normal sitting desk or a floor desk.