Beautifully handmade wooden parallettes for your Calisthenics or Gymnastics training.

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One of the most common small gymnastic accessory being used. Parallettes also known as PBars or small portable parallel bars are great to add to your bodyweight training.

This will give you a different grip when you are doing your pushing workout, giving your wrist a break as the wrist angle will be close to neutral when you are using the PBars.

The variation in height will give you options to aid your workout.

The Parallette Grounded model

  • has a very low height to simulate floor work as close as possible without the strain on your wrist.
  • A great way to start with handstands without getting too far from the floor thus eliminating the fear of height.

The Parallette Low model

  • has a medium level Parallette that can serve most of the bodyweigth training exercises.

The Parallette High model

  • High-level Parallette to give you more space from the floor.
  • A great tool to get started with your Push ups and L-sits for beginners and a perfect height for deep handstand pushups for advanced practitioners.

Grounded, Low, High